After deep reflection, we have decided to cancel all gatherings at La Basse Cour, including farm stays, farm tours,
events, and workshops until there is more certainty about Covid 19.

Our eggs and yarn are for sale in our milk house, and our vegetables in season on our farm stand.
Please practice social distancing and wear your mask if you come to the farm. You may read our Covid 19 Safety Plan for more information.

We will be none the less busy, tending the land and animals entrusted to our care.
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You are in our thoughts and we look forward to sharing many joyful events at La Basse Cour.

Salon de Montmartre au creux du vallon

Salon de Montmartre Flyer 2019white.png

Our first of what we expect to be many salons in our Carriage House, bringing together our diverse community, spotlighting local and regional artists and artisans, and enjoying tasty treats from the many wonderful farms and food producers nearby.

Free admission, with no fees and no commissions, Salon de Montmartre is our contribution to celebrating the artful life.

A salon is a gathering, often featuring art. We chose to evoke Montmarte, one of the most famous districts in Paris, which is set atop a small hill. Artists and artisans along with those who appreciate them have made Montmartre a melting pot of inspiration and we hope to do the same. Au creux de vallon is our wordplay since our farm sits in a hollow beneath a small hill. We think you will agree that our carriage house is the perfect spot to host a salon in this beautiful valley we call home.

Join us on Bastille Day, the French National Day that celebrates the storming of the Bastille Prison and the turning point of the French Revolution toward modernity. This day is worthy of commemoration as it, along with our own Revolutionary War, triggered the ending of monarchies and the establishment of republics and liberal democracies around the world. And nothing tells the beauty, the tragedy, the complexity of the human story through the ages than art in all its forms.  Come celebrate the artful life with us.

Sunday, July 14, from 1-5pm. Art show and sale with artisanal tasting table in our Carriage House.