After deep reflection, we have decided to cancel all gatherings at La Basse Cour, including farm stays, farm tours,
events, and workshops until there is more certainty about Covid 19.

Our eggs and yarn are for sale in our milk house, and our vegetables in season on our farm stand.
Please practice social distancing and wear your mask if you come to the farm. You may read our Covid 19 Safety Plan for more information.

We will be none the less busy, tending the land and animals entrusted to our care.
See what we're up to by following us on Facebooksubscribing to our newsletter, and reading our blog posts.
You are in our thoughts and we look forward to sharing many joyful events at La Basse Cour.

Our Farm Store & Farm Stand

mercury-smokey-the-bear-cat-min.jpgFeaturing our farm fresh eggs from our pastured hens raised with 100% organic feed, our vegetables in season and grown using regenerative methods, and our yarn from our pastured sheep and goats raised only for their fiber.

Our farm fresh eggs are available year-round in our Milkhouse, which doubles as the "wet end" of our textile studio and our Winter Farm Store from Halloween through Memorial Day. Please don't let the cats out!

Our Farm Store, located in our Carriage House along with our textile studio, is open daily from 10am to 6pm from Memorial Day through the Halloween, depending on the weather since there's no heart in the barn!

Our Farm Stand is open daily from July 4th through Halloween. We operate on an honor system so feel free to stop by at your convenience.

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